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扛鼎天下cjdaoThese hussars but lyu3 bu4 training for a year, More experienced a lot of world war ii elite elite, once formed at the moment, Yuan Jun is much, for a while, unexpectedly can't help but this three hundred hussars guard, instead was killed many people, male broad sea block in front of, left axe right stick, close to Yuan Jun was smashed fly is chopped head, not long time, around a pile of corpses."Yes!" Kui head suddenly some regret, if let temuzhen directly at the beginning, step degree root also need not die, but these emotions, also not suitable for now expression, immediately emphatically way: "five thousand military forces, can not be less, I will be in the king's court, waiting for the good news of temuzhen brothers."This matter, is only a small matter, but there are a lot of big things are raised from the small things.

Xin Ping opened his mouth, Finally can only helplessly sigh, He agreed with the match, Cao Cao's conquest is now at a critical juncture, There is no room for error, Xu togeher is an unstable factor, Since has come to this step, even if not kill, also shouldn't let go, looking at lombardi, finally also can only euphemistically way: "master, xu ziyuan although there have been, but our army is now the time to use, northwest business tiger with seal wolf in xu tiger, business tiger, only with zhang he, falling in grant, may not be able to block, let xu togeher do meritorious service?"The most insecure thing in the bones of the nomadic peoples who remained in the tribes and slaves was their sense of security. They had to fight the heavens, the earth, and the fierce beasts. The first thing they considered was survival.Giffin on this, not evaluation, yan liang wenchou is a long time ago to follow lombardi general, countless battles, if there is no skill, giffin is unbelievable.扛鼎天下Wei yan looked at the jun quickly returned to meng jin, helplessly a sigh, a hold on chen xing horses, looking at chen xing gradually dim down the face, sigh a way: "general chen can have last words?"

扛鼎天下"There is no absolute thing in the world, and one thing, if it is good, must be bad, and vice versa." Pang tong laughed. "In the ruling class, There's a saying, Called fools easy to resist, words itself is not difficult to understand, and the role of the family, is to help the emperor, help master to promote these things, the family not only has a large amount of money, population, more master of public opinion, a good or bad, by virtue of, are here, and lyu3 bu4 now want to do, but want to break the rule, he is a little bit to open people's minds! In the long run, Although beneficial to the country, But it's a little bit like cutting off the basics of the family, This is an irreconcilable contradiction, If lyu3 bu4 came to power, But the mourning of families all over the world, More terrible is lyu3 bu4 is too patient, he is not like follwed, will make a little promotion to the country, but from their own territory, a little promotion, very careful, also very stable, plus now harmony cool family withered, the western regions, hetao is lyu3 bu4 a world, also provided a good environment for lyu3 bu4. "Yong Liang yesterday sent lyu3 bu4 a piece of good news, Also calculate to lyu3 bu4 some comfort, Whether Yongzhou or Xiliang, It's been a bumper year, Especially in yongzhou, not only good weather, but also in lyu3 bu4 quietly gradually improve the status and treatment of craftsmen, under the stimulus of the economy, made a lot of good things, JingZhao area people's farming tools have been refurbished, there are cattle and sheep plundered from the grasslands, but also through various incentive policies to the people, as for the results.

Ma Tie since came, then d?Step root twenty thousand people but five big tribes, lyu3 bu4 can? That is not twenty thousand to more than ten thousand, what's more, kui head can't give twenty thousand military forces to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 understanding of kui head, the goods can give ten thousand has been good, so calculate up, like looking for death."Master, this is cao cao wrote to xuchang urgent documents, jun army hay has been exhausted, can be broken in a few days, and now jun big army tuen and guandu, xuchang empty rear, master just need to lead hundreds of elite troops, straight on xuchang, cao" guards can't take into account, must not attack from chaos, master cause! " Xu togeher laughed.扛鼎天下





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